Meet the KIRCO and KIRCO MANIX Leadership Team

As a family business, KIRCO takes great pride in our award-winning heritage, extending back four decades. KIRCO has built a legacy of real estate excellence based on our ability to provide clients with increased value from their real estate holdings. It is all about our associates, working within a framework of business ethics, social and community responsibility, and customer focus that empower our professionals. We work hard to build real estate value every day.

alan kiriluk kirco

Alan Kiriluk

matt kiriluk kirco

Matt Kiriluk

doug manix kirco

Doug Manix

dean kiriluk kirco

Dean Kiriluk

mike moore kirco

Mike Moore

quinn kiriluk kirco

Quinn Kiriluk

steve szymanski kirco

Steve Szymanski

dave hales kirco

Dave Hales