KIRCO & KIRCO MANIX Featured in Construction in Focus Magazine

KIRCO & KIRCO MANIX Featured in Construction in Focus Magazine

KIRCO and KIRCO MANIX were prominently featured in Construction in Focus Magazine’s March 2019 Issue. For his piece “Unique, Family-Run Firm Offers Full Range of Real Estate Services,” Nate Hendley interviewed Douglas W. Manix (President of Construction) and his son, Adam Manix (Director of Business Development):

KIRCO’s full-service model has been “absolutely critical,” to the company’s success. “It’s a differentiator for us. It enables us to bring our full company resources to a deal,” Doug Manix states. “Not a lot of companies in our area are vertically-integrated and offer that full menu of services. I think it also helps us pursuing basic construction projects. We think like an owner because we are owners. Rather than just going out to build whatever a client asks for, we’ll go out and make sure it’s a good quality building and all aspects of the [construction] are thought through as if we owned it.”

This full-service approach clearly has a great deal of appeal. The company has been involved in several significant projects such as the new global headquarters for the Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan. The new headquarters boasts a six-story concrete wall and steel frame structure encompassing 184,390 square feet, a two-story atrium with floor-to-ceiling glass, and other innovative features. Construction was completed in summer 2017.

They also spoke about the creation of KIRCO MANIX in 2009 and the methods that made the addition of a construction branch successful:

“We put our teams together, and within a couple of months, it felt like we had been together for decades.”

KIRCO counts ninety employees, working across all segments. Douglas wants new hires to have a passionate attitude and the ability to cope with the ups and downs inherent in the real-estate business. “We like to hire local talent that has a passion and then teach them how we do business. We have many employees that have been here north of thirty years,” he says.

Simply being customer-focused is also key to promotional efforts, he adds. “If you perform and you do a good job, [your clients] are your best source of referrals and good PR.”


Read the full article below, or here at Construction in Focus.

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