Oerlikon Advanced Powder Manufacturing Center – Plymouth Township, Michigan

KIRCO & KIRCO MANIX announce the completion of the new state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facility for Oerlikon at 41144 Concept Drive in Plymouth Township, Mich. The 80,000 square foot building will house approximately 70 employees and represents over $50 million of new investment into the community. 

“We are pleased to have teamed up with Oerlikon on this complex build-to-suit project,” said Adam D. Manix, director of Business Development for KIRCO MANIX. “The successful completion is a testament to our entire team and great working relationship with Oerlikon.  It was a fun and exciting project to be apart of.”

The new facility will strengthen Oerlikon’s position in the additive manufacturing, 3-D printing and high-end surface coating markets.  They will be producing advanced titanium alloys and high-end thermal spray powders which will then be packaged and shipped to automotive, aerospace, agricultural and medical customers around the world.  The high-tech lab area will allow for the research and development of titanium and other alloys such as nickel, copper, iron and cobalt.