Saudi Aramco – Novi, MI

The main entrance to the building is designed with a welcoming two-story saw tooth curtain wall system which is complimented by architectural and landscaping features such as a decorative metal-wrapped column and an integrated snow/ice melting system under the concrete entry.

The north facade of the building was completely removed and a state of the art exterior wall system that integrates the latest design systems of glass, metal panels and building insulation was put in its place.

The main lobby is a two-story atrium, which is both welcoming and functional. A state of the art security system has been blended into the wood paneling and the floating panel ceiling system.

The shop floor has a chemically treated, quarter-inch troweled epoxy system throughout.

The full bay has been dedicated to an auto lift used for inspection and installation of various testing equipment.

Aramco scientists will have all capabilities required to perform their work at the new chemistry lab t hat includes the latest equipment for testing requirements.

Simple painted walls that erasable markers can be used on are complimented by floating green glass accent panels.

The office space of the building has a contemporary design that blends modern furniture and wall systems with practical solutions to fit the requirements of a modern research and development facility.

The main conference room has features such as electric black out shades and the latest in digital audiovisual technology and projection systems.

The collaboration room is descended to create an atmosphere focused on team building in a relaxed manner. The same digital audio video technology found in the main conference room is installed in this room.

The lunch room is also designed to encourage conferencing and team building and provides a view of the shop area for easier solution discussion.

Of the many value engineering ideas KIRCOMANIX suggested, the most valuable was the mechanical mezzanine created to support the office function.

Internalizing the primary electrical service substation provided savings on first cost and provided a more efficient and functional electrical design.

Likewise, internalizing the various chillers/condensers and pumps from an exterior courtyard created tremendous cost savings, freed up space on the exterior for parking and logistics and created a maintenance friendly atmosphere for the HVAC systems and the process systems.

Fire protection systems are state of the art and are designed to handle fire system emergencies. The facility provides (4) Dynamometer test cells.

Each designed to service car and truck engine testing criteria required for carbon emission reduction. The engine sub plates of each tests cell are designed so as to isolate any damaging vibration created during the test from the structure of the building.