Wilton Connor – Charlotte, NC

Wilton Connor Packaging was in search of a campus-style infrastructure to more adequately fulfill their future needs as a growing business, while continuing to maintain operational cost controls.

The facilities were required to be cost efficient, contemporary in design and consistent with the horizontal leadership style of the company.

The overall plan provided for 1.6 million square feet of corporate office and manufacturing space. Both office and manufacturing space had to have functional flexibility to respond to changing client requirements.

KIRCO and Wilton Connor Packaging developed a campus Master Plan and selected a series of sites to relocate the entire operation. KIRCO assisted Wilton Connor Packaging in the design and implementation of a Master Plan which would consist of four separate facilities. KIRCO put into place an ownership structure to acquire additional land to accommodate all four facilities.

The Wilton Connor Packaging business had grown significantly over the years and their operations were housed in numerous facilities.

Due to this growth, it became necessary to expand their corporate offices and  their warehouse/distribution space and to consolidate them into more efficient facilities.

The second phase of the Master Plan was the development and construction of a 334,000 SF facility consisting of 70,000 SF of corporate office space and 264,000 SF of warehouse space.

The warehouse space was completed early, allowing for a seven-color press and all necessary support equipment to be installed as the office areas were being completed. This portion of the project was completed in less than 1 month from ground-breaking and was under budget using a “design/build” project delivery method.