KIRCO’s Global Dow Center Project Featured in Corp! Magazine

KIRCO’s Global Dow Center Project Featured in Corp! Magazine

KIRCO’s Global Dow Center Project Featured in Corp! Magazine

Quinn Kiriluk and our Global Dow Center project were recently featured in Corp! Magazine’s “Escaping the Cubicle” article by , which details the transformative impact that nature and innovative exteriors have on employees and the workspace.

In the mid part of Michigan, Dow Chemical was looking at its entire campus when starting a new headquarters project in Midland, with an eye on how exteriors, landscaping and employee interaction with the natural environment would inform how its massive building project would take shape.

Elements of the Global Dow Center include a six-story, 184,390 square-foot, steel-frame and curtain wall structure; 21,000-square-feet of vegetative rooftop and a nearly one-acre decorative pond that wraps one-third of the building, helping to dramatically reduce heat islands and storm water runoff; and an enclosed employee walkway connecting occupants to parking and other campus facilities.

The building’s two-story atrium lobby with floor-to-ceiling glass has technology features that will enrich customers’ and visitors’ appreciation of Dow’s distinguished history and innovative market solutions.

“It’s such an investment they’re making in their employees,” Kiriluk said. “We were the general contractor and the developer on the project, so we were part of the entire design process. We knew what Dow’s vision was, and it was to create this dynamic, collaborative environment that enhanced the overall employee experience inside and out.”

Having green areas all around the facility was a key part of that design process. Kirco brought in Northville-based landscape architects Grissom Met Andres to put together a master plan for the headquarters, a decision that Kiriluk says was among the best ones made for the project.

KIRCO is proud to partner with companies like Dow, who value innovative real estate design solutions that impact employee engagement.

Learn more about The Global Dow Center project. ]

Read the rest of “Escaping The Cubicle” at Corp! Magazine. 



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