Kirco Manix has over 3 billion dollars worth of experience, operating throughout the Midwest since 1929

Former Fitness Space is Converted to a World Class Headquarters

for DSM Engineering Plastics


Companies partner to build new global headquarters in Midland, MI

Kirco Manix has over 3 billion dollars worth of experience, operating throughout the Midwest since 1929


has over $3 billion worth of experience, operating throughout the Midwest since 1929

Cardinal Health Revitalization Project

Cardinal Health Revitalization Project

Discover how 275,000 sf of blight was transformed into an essential healthcare facility in Detroit.

KIRCO MANIX Construction

Organizations, like people, seem to find each other when they have similar beliefs, qualities, and values. These types of partnerships makes for a stronger, smarter, and more capable team, equip with the experience necessary for creative problem solving and achieving goals. That’s exactly what happened when Kirco Construction and Campbell/Manix came together in 2009 and KIRCO MANIX Construction was formed.

Both companies have been very well respected and are rich with history, integrity, and experience, so it was a natural fit.

As a result, KIRCO MANIX now accounts for over three billion dollars of successful construction projects, and has a geographic footprint in Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio.

 We provide a unique, full-service approach through every phase of a project: design, engineering, and of course, the actual construction. It’s a completely transparent process, because in this business, nobody likes surprises.

KIRCO MANIX represents a rare group of people who are masters at their craft and take great personal pride in not only meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

This commitment to quality is what brings out the best in all of us.


Dedicated to bringing together the talent, the creative vision and an unwavering desire
to create great environments for people and their communities.

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How We Succeed?

We Take Ownership.

As part of a development organization that builds and owns real estate, we approach every project from an owner’s point of view. Very few contractors can say that.  It means a real sensitivity towards managing costs, and maximizing quality while creating a true asset for many generations to enjoy.

We’re Transparent.

We make sure every step of every project is crystal clear and completely understood by all the stakeholders.  This is a very detail-oriented discipline that maintains expectations and eliminates surprises.

We Solve Problems.

We’re very experienced in anticipating and solving complex real estate and construction problems.  Whether they are economic, social, political, technical, or any other challenge, we’re always prepared with solutions.

Dow Chemical Company World Headquarter Building
The Dow Chemical Company has selected KIRCO as its partner to develop and construct Dow's new global headquarters within their Midland, Michigan campus. This new Corporate Center building is part of Dow’s ongoing initiative to support collaboration, company growth, and innovation.
American Axle Manufacturing – Detroit, Michigan
KIRCO MANIX recently completed 350,000 SF of construction for American Axle Manufacturing at the company’s World headquarters in Detroit, Michigan.
Ciena Healthcare
Regency at Waterford offers an innovative, one-story, easy to navigate floor plan, 40 private rooms and 40 semi private rooms, six bariatric rooms, and a bright homelike atmosphere.
“KIRCO MANIX has worked very closely with us to value engineer any modifications that we made during the construction period and there have been several…they have done a great job of saying, ‘Here is an alternative. This is better than what you’ve got. This will provide a better cost benefit to you.”
– Jim Balzer, Cardinal Health
“We choose KIRCO MANIX, they take care of us.”
– Gary Dods, Michigan Automotive Compressor Inc.
“The KIRCOMANIX team really did an outstanding job on LEED certification… We had an independent auditor, and they just couldn’t get us to LEED certification. So KIRCO MANIX got involved and got it done.”
– Earl Brown, Rayconnect