TNT Powerwash

Groveport, OH
KIRCO MANIX recently completed the construction of a 20,800 SF corporate headquarter facility and combined truck wash/paint and detail shop in Groveport, Ohio. Though there were several site and construction challenges, the project was completed in only four months.

Unique Site Challenges:

• The site was crossed diagonally by a 150’ wide high voltage power line easement which created limitations on layout and building configuration
•There is a residence on the west side of the site which increased all code setbacks creating further limitations on the site

Unique Construction Challenges:

•During construction the paint booth was relocated and made larger, which affected the ingess/egress, subfloor drainage, floor slab sloping, HVAC, lighting and power.
•There were numerous changes made during construction to the HVAC, power, lighting (interio and site), site paving, ventilation, office cabinetry, and flooring.
•The building is served by city water for the offices and a makeup water well for the truck washing

Project Facts

Location: Groveport, OH
Size: 20,800 Square Feet
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Office & Headquarters

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