TNT Powerwash

Groveport, OH
KIRCO MANIX recently completed the construction of a 20,800 SF corporate headquarter facility and combined truck wash/paint and detail shop in Groveport, Ohio. Though there were several site and construction challenges, the project was completed in only four months.

Unique Site Challenges:

• The site was crossed diagonally by a 150’ wide high voltage power line easement which created limitations on layout and building configuration
• There is a residence on the west side of the site which increased all code setbacks creating further limitations on the site

Unique Construction Challenges:

• During construction the paint booth was relocated and made larger, which affected the ingress/egress, subfloor drainage, floor slab sloping, HVAC, lighting and power.
• There were numerous changes made during construction to the HVAC, power, lighting (interior and site), site paving, ventilation, office cabinetry, and flooring.
• The building is served by city water for the offices and a makeup water well for the truck washing

Project Facts

Location: Groveport, OH
Size: 20,800 Square Feet
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Office & Headquarters

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