Dearborn Kidney Center

Dearborn, MI

KIRCO and KIRCO MANIX recently completed the construction of a 5,862 square foot Kidney Dialysis center in Dearborn, Michigan. This project required dedicated sanitary sewer, water distribution, and HVAC isolation.

Ford Motor Land owns the Dearborn property and leased it to Dearborn Renal Care. A condition of the lease was that Ford Motor company skilled tradesman would have the right of first refusal for the work required.

KIRCO MANIX needed to be extremely flexible while managing construction trades that consisted of traditional building tradespeople and Ford Motor Company UAW Skilled trade personnel. Working collaboratively with Ford Motor Company, this project came in on time and within budget for the landlord and tenant.

Project Facts

Location: Dearborn, MI
Size: 5,862 Square Feet
  • Healthcare

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