Brewery Park – Detroit, MI

This 23-acre urban site was the former Stroh Brewery owned by the Stroh family. The building had an infrastructure that was not conducive for future use. The Stroh family asked KIRCO to help them develop a vision for a modern use property asset that incorporated the original architectural aspects of the brewery tradition.

KIRCO redeveloped this three-phase 665,000 SF project with an architectural nod towards the site’s proud past. It has a very efficient relationship of glass to floor area, which minimizes building cost and maximizes access of sunlight for nearly the entire floor plate; it combines park-like grounds and suburban style Class-A office space.

When the Stroh Brewery departed from this downtown Detroit facility, many saw its departure as another physical and emotional scar for the city to endure. KIRCO’s extraordinary redevelopment of the abandoned site, in the heart of the city, has emerged as one of the city’s great reclamation projects, and as a symbol of the Motor City’s renaissance. Where people once worried about the vacuum of lost jobs, Brewery Park stands as a dynamic corporate campus – home to some of the nation’s leading businesses and thousands of quality jobs.

Redeveloped with an architectural appreciation for the site’s proud past, Brewery Park exists today as an enduring symbol of urban renewal, development ingenuity and of the exciting opportunities Detroit offers as a corporate center.