Former Fitness Space is Converted to a World Class Headquarters

for DSM Engineering Plastics

Kirco and Dow


Companies partner to build new global headquarters in Midland, MI

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Creating better communities through the development, construction, and management of real estate.

KIRCO defines redevlopment in the  city of Detroit

KIRCO defines redevelopment in the City of Detroit

A blighted Detroit neighborhood is transformed into a bustling distribution center for Cardinal Health.

Bringing Out the Best Simple

A founding principle that has contributed to remarkable success: it all starts with visionary people who understand that together, we can do anything.

“We believe that every goal, every dream, every aspiration worth pursuing deserves a fighting chance to become reality.”

As a family-owned commercial real estate  organization with over 30 years in the industry,  we don’t just hire sub-contractors, build buildings, and manage them.  We contribute to community infrastructure and create environments that have an enormous impact on how we live; places where people can comfortably interact, conduct business, care for the sick, and inspire students to learn.  In essence, we create environments for people and communities to excel.

It’s a great privilege that comes with enormous responsibility; that’s why our entire organization can be nothing less than the very best. This discipline not only fosters great results,  but also proactively anticipates and avoids  obstacles along the way.

This is why we bring out the best, and how we turn great visions into realities.



KIRCO is an award winning, full service, vertically integrated, real estate organization.



KIRCO MANIX has over $3 billion worth of experience, operating throughout the Midwest since 1929.

Property Management

Property Management

Managing a total of 5.0 million square feet of office, medical, retail, and industrial properties.

Cardinal Health Medical Distribution Center: “Catalyst Converter” in the Motor City
Cardinal Health Medical Distribution Center: “Catalyst Converter” in the Motor City
DSM Engineering Plastics – Troy, Michigan
KIRCO has completed the redevelopment and construction of the new Americas headquarters for DSM Engineering Plastics located on the iconic Columbia Center campus in Troy, Mich, one of SE Michigan’s premier corporate addresses.
Dow Chemical Company World Headquarter Building
The Dow Chemical Company has selected KIRCO as its partner to develop and construct Dow's new global headquarters within their Midland, Michigan campus. This new Corporate Center building is part of Dow’s ongoing initiative to support collaboration, company growth, and innovation.
“KIRCO takes the attitude that this is their project that they are going to live with. They want it to come out perfect for you. You just don’t find that with everyone.”
– Peter Prychodko, Doeren Mayhew
“They are not a company that tells you they can do something then doesn’t deliver –they deliver on what they say.”
– Nicole Jackson, Henry Ford Health Systems
“KIRCO is known to be very honorable & fair in an industry where the complexities of a deal can make that very challenging.”
– Dave Miller, Signature Associates