Congratulations to Dow Chemical Company on the announcement of the New Global Headquarters Building in Midland, MI

The Dow Chemical Company has selected KIRCO as its partner to develop and construct Dow’s new global headquarters within their Midland, Michigan campus. This new Corporate Center building is part of Dow’s ongoing initiative to support collaboration, company growth, and innovation. The new state-of-the-art building will replace the current Willard H. Dow Center (WHDC) 2020 Building.

Construction will begin in 3Q 2015, and the building is expected to be occupied and fully operational by the end of 2017.

The open-plan design of the building and technology upgrades reflect Dow’s focus on engagement and streamlined communication to propel the Company’s culture forward. The building’s sustainable and adaptable design is further expected to advance employee productivity that will benefit customers and the markets Dow serves.

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The Details

The six-story, open-plan building will include space for approximately 600 employees and contractors, and will be developed using both Dow materials and recycled resources from the WHDC 2020 structure. The building is targeting LEED certification when complete.

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 New Technologies and work environment designs include:

  • The latest in audio visual and internet technologies to enhance productivity and innovation
  • Flexible office space, meeting rooms, media centers, huddle rooms and break rooms to foster greater collaboration and efficiency
  • Open work environments designed to embrace collaboration and enhance the well-being of employees in the workplace
  • Industry-leading office design standards will be implemented to ensure the most efficient, productive, and cost-effective use of space


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The new facility will be developed using both Dow materials and recycled resources from the existing WHDC 2020 structure to meet Dow’s environmentally responsible standards. The building is targeting LEED certification when complete.

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Sustainability features include:

  • Green (vegetative) roofs will provide energy savings, mitigate heat island effects, and dramatically reduce storm water runoff
  • 20,000 tons of material from the demolition of WHDC 2020 will be designated for recycling
  • More than 10,000 tons of concrete from the WHDC 2020 building will be recycled and used for various substructure elements and temporary road.
  • 20% of building products will be from recycled materials

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Construction Advantages

Over the last decade, Dow has made several major upgrades to aging facilities in Midland, and constructed new buildings including the Business Service Center and Michigan Division Headquarters.

Demolishing the obsolete WHDC 2020 Building and constructing a new facility has multiple advantages, offering greater efficiencies in energy, land and water use, and will improve operational costs over the long-term including:

  • 20% lower construction costs compared to revitalizing the WHDC 2020 building
  • 63% reduction in energy consumption compared to the WHDC 2020 Building
  • 43% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the WHDC 2020 Building
  • 38% utilization improvement (square foot per workplace capacity)
  • 46% less gross building square footage